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this is a project for personal finance. for the use of microwaving.

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  1. Warms up leftovers
    1. faster
      1. retains nurtients
        1. tastes better
        2. Defrosts Meat
          1. turn the food
            1. separate the food
              1. allow large items to stand for complete defrosting
                1. use immediately
                2. Acceptable Dishes
                  1. paper
                    1. plastic
                      1. glass
                        1. microwavable dishes
                        2. Unacceptable Dishes
                          1. metal
                            1. dishes with gold or silver on it
                            2. Acceptable Coverings
                              1. paper towels: to absorb moisture, spatters, and spills
                                1. wax paper: hold sin some of the moisture
                                  1. plastic wrap: hold in moisture
                                  2. Foods that shouldn't be microwaved
                                    1. egg in shells: explode or burst when heat builds up
                                      1. pancakes: they don't get a crust on them.
                                        1. popcorn: not enough moisture in regular popcorn(unless you add fat)
                                          1. canning foods: does not get high enough in temperature or have enough presure
                                            1. deep-fry foods: fat temperature can not be controlled.
                                              1. large amounts of food: takes too long, not as efficient
                                              2. Techniques for Microwaving
                                                1. stirring: to pull heated part of the food to the center
                                                  1. turning over: to microwave all sides.
                                                    1. standing time: to allow the foods to complete its cooking(place directly on counter)
                                                      1. shielding: small pieces of foil used to cover wings or legs of poultry(deflects microwaves away from that part.
                                                        1. covering: retains nutrients, holds in moisture, speeds up cooking
                                                          1. arrange food in circular shape: to make cooking even.
                                                            1. rotating
                                                              1. pricking: (egg yolks and potatoes) to keep from exploding
                                                                1. select foods of the same size: cooks evenly
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