Microwave Oven

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Notes on Convenctional Ovens/Microwaves.

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Microwave Oven
  1. Acceptable Dishes/Coverings
    1. Paper, plastic, glass, and Microwaveable Dishes
      1. Paper Towels, Wax paper, Plastic Wrap
        1. Absorb Moisture, holds in moisture, holds in moisture
          1. Absorbs Splatters and spills.
        2. Unacceptable Dishes/Food to Not Microwave
          1. Any metal
            1. Anything with gold/silver on it.
              1. Egg shells, pancakes, popcorn, large amount of any food
                1. Canning foods, deep-fry foods.
              2. Hints & Tips & Techniques
                1. Containers are Plastic, paper and glass
                  1. Density affects cooking time
                    1. Stir and rotate foods for evenly cooked food.
                      1. Round ones will cook more evenly
                    2. Convection Oven
                      1. Has a fan in the back that circulates hot air.
                        1. Air is vented in and out.
                        2. Cooks anywhere in the oven, due to the circulation
                          1. Allows for shorter cooking times.
                            1. Ensures a more evenly cooked item than a conventional oven.
                              1. Lower heat is needed than a conventional oven.
                                1. Use of lighter cooking sheets.
                            2. Advantages
                              1. Quickly heats up Leftovers
                                1. Plumps Raisens
                                  1. Defrosts Meats
                                  2. Eliminates extra oils and fats.
                                    1. Freshens snacks/chips
                                      1. Cooks with higher quality/tastes better
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