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Microwave Cooking


Mind map about the use of microwaves
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Microwave Cooking
  1. Microwaves are sent into a stirrer, which scatters the waves around in order to cook the food.
    1. Water molecules act as magnets, heating the food around it.
      1. Heat distribution can be uneven, so stir often.
        1. Microwaves bounce off the sides of the oven, so make sure the thickest parts of the food are near the edges.
      2. Only some types of dishes are safe in the microwave.
        1. Glass, ceramic, paper, and microwave-safe plastic are the only dishes one should use in the mocrowave.
          1. NEVER put metal in the microwave!!
          2. Cooking in the microwave is sometimes faster and easier than cooking in a conventional oven.
            1. Certain foods shouldn't be cooked in the microwave
              1. You should take caution when cooking things with skins, like sausages or potatoes, because steam can build up inside and cause the food to explode.
                1. Popcorn alone does not have enough moisture, but combining it with an oil does the trick.
                  1. Deep fried foods can't have their fat levels controlled.
                  2. Microwaves cook the food entirely, but it cooks too quickly to
                    1. Food gets cooked quickly, but it doesn't brown.
                      1. Use sauces or other toppings to mask the paler foods.
                      2. Microwaves are excellent for reheating certain leftovers.
                        1. Since microwaves have no heat source, paper towels can be used to cover dishes to prevent splattering.
                        2. The microwave has many uses aside from just heating food.
                          1. Put a cup of water in with brown sugar to soften.
                            1. You can freshen stale chips and other snacks.
                              1. You can defrost meat in the microwave in a dish.
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