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Microwave Oven


microwave oven
Mind Map by Peytonn, updated more than 1 year ago
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Microwave Oven
  1. warms up leftovers
    1. defrosts meat
      1. freshens snacks and chips
      2. acceptable dishes: paper, plastic, glass, and microwaveable dishes
        1. no metal
          1. no dishes w/silver or gold in it
          2. thick food should be toward the side of the oven
            1. foods cook quickly
              1. attracted to fat, sugar, and water molecules
                1. round containers cook more evenly
                  1. square containers tend to burn on the edges
                2. microwaves bounce off the sides of the oven
                  1. don't microwave pancakes, popcorn, canned foods
                    1. been around since 1945
                      1. causes molecules in food to vibrate
                        1. cover containers
                          1. holds in moisture
                            1. helps cook evenly
                              1. prevents food from splattering
                              2. stir and rotate foods while cooking
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