Incompetent Cervix

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Javen Jara
Created by Javen Jara almost 6 years ago
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Incompetent Cervix
1 A medical condition in which a pregnant woman's cervix begins to dilate and efface before her pregnancy has reached term.
2 Causes
2.1 History of Conization
2.2 Uterine abnormalities
2.3 Exposed to Diethylstilbestrol (DES)
2.4 Previous D&C
2.5 Repeated mechanical dilatation
3 Sign and Symptoms
3.1 Cervical dilation without uterine contractions
3.2 Heavy feeling in the pelvic or rectal areas
3.3 Bleeding/Spotting
3.4 Increased discharges
4 Treatment
4.1 Cerlage
4.1.1 Type of stiches McDonald Abdominal & Hefner Hefner Lash Shirodkar
5 Complications
5.1 Miscarriage
5.2 Preterm birth
5.3 PROM
6 Complications
6.1 PROM
6.2 Chorioamnionitis
6.3 Hemorrhage
6.4 Uterine and Bladder injury
6.5 Excessive scar tissue
6.6 Preterm labor
6.7 Fetal death
7 Management
7.1 Bedrest
7.2 Abstaining from sexual intercourse