Rheumatic Heart Disease

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Rheumatic Heart Disease
1 Rheumatic heart disease is cardiac inflammation and scarring triggered by an autoimmune reaction to infection with group A streptococci
2 Symptoms
2.1 Fever
2.2 Blotchy red skin rash
2.3 Chest,Abdominal,Joint pain
2.4 Small nodules under the skin
2.5 Changes in personality (moodiness, unusual laughing/crying)
2.6 Shortened attention span and Irritability
2.7 Shortness of breath
2.8 Excessive sweating
3 Cause
3.1 Inflammatory reaction to certain group A streptococcus bacteria
4 Management
4.1 Monitor sore throat
4.2 Seek medical advice
5 Diagnostics
5.1 Jonas Criteria
5.1.1 Major Carditis Polyarthritis Chorea Erythema marginatum Subcutaneous nodules
5.1.2 Minor Arthralgia Fever Elevated ESR or CRP Prolonged PR interval on an ECG
6 Treatment
6.1 Objectives
6.1.1 To eradicate any streptococcal bacteria that may be remaining in your body with antibiotics,
6.1.2 To help relieve symptoms with anti-inflammatory medicine
6.1.3 To prevent long-term damage to your heart
6.2 Anibiotics
6.3 Anti-inflammatory medicine
6.3.1 Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) Ibuprofen Aspirin
6.3.2 If ECG shows that you have moderate to severe inflammation of the heart Prednisolone
6.4 Other treatments
6.4.1 Experiencing symptoms of chorea neuroleptic
6.4.2 Surgery
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