Postpartum Hemorrhage

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Postpartum Hemorrhage
1 is the loss of greater than 500 ml of blood following vaginal delivery, or 1000 ml of blood following cesarean section. It is the most common cause of perinatal maternal death in the developed world and is a major cause of maternal morbidity worldwide.
2 What causes postpartum hemorrhage?
2.1 Prolonged labor
2.2 Infection
2.3 Obesity
2.4 Medications to induce labor
2.5 Medications to stop contractions
2.6 Use of forceps or vacuum-assisted delivery
2.7 Tear in the cervix or vaginal tissues
2.8 General anesthesia
3 Other Causes
3.1 Gestational hypertension
3.2 Placenta percreta
3.3 Placenta previa
3.4 Placenta abruption
3.5 Blood clotting disordes
3.6 Tear in a uterine blood vessel
3.7 Multiple pregnancy
3.8 Overdistended uterus
3.9 Placenta accreta
3.10 Bleeding into a concealed tissue are
4 Treatment for postpartum hemorrhage
4.1 Manual massage of the uterus
4.2 Removal of placental pieces that remain in the uterus
4.3 Exmination of the uterus and other elvic tissues
4.4 Medication
4.5 Bakri baloon/ Foley catheter
4.6 Blood transfusion
4.7 Laparotomy
4.8 Tying off of bleeding blood vessels using uterine compresion sutures
4.9 Trendelenberg
5 Signs and Symptoms
5.1 low red blood cell count
5.2 swelling and pain in tissue in the vagina
5.3 increased heart rate
5.4 lightheadedness
5.5 decreasing blood pressure
5.6 Uncontrolled bleeding