Hydatidiform Mole

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Hydatidiform Mole
1 A molar pregnancy happens when tissue that normally becomes a fetus instead becomes an abnormal growth in your uterus. Even though it isn't an embryo, this growth triggers symptoms of pregnancy.
2 Complete molar pregnancy
3 Partial molar pregnancy
4 Factors that contribute to Molar Pregnancy
4.1 Age
4.2 history of molar pregnancy
4.3 history of miscarriage
4.4 diet low in carotene
5 Symptoms
5.1 Uncomfortable feeling in pelvis
5.2 Hyperthyroidism
5.3 Vaginal Bleeding
5.4 Hyperemesis
5.5 Vaginal discharge
5.6 Uterus larger than usual
6 Diagnostics
6.1 Blood tests
6.2 Ultrasound
6.3 Pelvic exam
7 Treatment
7.1 Dilation & Curretage
7.2 Hysterectomy
7.3 If CA manifests
7.3.1 Chemotheraphy
8 Management
8.1 Regular blood tests
8.2 Birth Control
8.3 Support
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