Microwave Oven

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Microwave cooking notes mind map

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Microwave Oven
  1. Dishes for Microwave use: Paper, plastic, glass, microwavable dishes
    1. Unacceptable dishes: Metal, dishes with gold or silver on it
      1. Acceetable coverings for microwave dishes: paper towel, wax paper, and platic wrap
      2. Advantages:
        1. Warms up leftovers: faster, retains nutrients, and tastes better
          1. Defrosts Meat: turn the food, separate the pieces, allow large items to stand for complete defrosting, and use immediately
            1. Softens brown sugar if used immediately (put 1 cup of water in microwave)
              1. Plumps raisins
                1. Freshens snacks and chips
                  1. Eliminates extra oils and fats in preparing foods
                    1. cooks foods quickly with higher quality, tastes better, looks better and color is enhanced
        2. Non Microwaveable food: eggs in shells, pancakes, popcorn, canning foods, deep-fry foods, large amounts of foods
          1. Cooking Hints:
            1. Foods at ice box and freezer temperatures take longer to cook than foods at room temperature.
              1. Density affects cooking time (dense foods-potato)
                1. Bony pieces of chicken-put on outside
                  1. Microwaved cook by entering the foods by the outside edgess
            2. Microwaving techniques:
              1. Stirring, turning over, shielding, covering, arrange food in circular shape, rotating, pricking, and selecting foos of the same size
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