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Microwave Oven


4th period cooking
Julia Pyle
Mind Map by Julia Pyle, updated more than 1 year ago
Julia Pyle
Created by Julia Pyle over 6 years ago

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Microwave Oven
  1. advantages
    1. heats up leftovers
      1. faster than oven
        1. retains nutrients
        2. defrosts meat
          1. you can use it immediately
          2. cooks food quickly
          3. acceptable
            1. dishes
              1. paper,plastic,glass,microwaveable dishes
              2. coverings
                1. paper towels,wax paper, plastic wrap
              3. causes molecules in food to vibrate, which makes food heat up
                1. energy can be uneven so some parts may cook faster
                2. unacceptable
                  1. dishes
                    1. metal, gold or silver
                    2. large amounts of food
                    3. techniques for microwaving
                      1. stirring, covering, rotating, etc
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