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1920's Canada


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1920's Canada
  1. Economy
    1. important industires
      1. wheat
        1. Natural Resources (lead, paper, copper)
          1. Manufacturing consumer goods
            1. HydroElectricity
            2. Post war
              1. many returning soldiers
                1. workers wanted higher wages
                  1. many strikes
                    1. !919: one big union was formed for all Canadian workers
                      1. many people moved into citys and less people lived in small towns
                      2. US investment
                        1. prior to WW1 brotian was our major trading partner
                          1. After the war we traded more with the US
                            1. US ownership of Cdn. industy increased
                              1. Especially paper pulp and mining
                              2. US companies set up branch plants in canada
                                1. owned and operated in US and profits went to US
                              3. inflation of prices
                                1. the rise of the price of goods and cost of living demanded higher wages for workers
                              4. Government
                                1. Prime minister
                                  1. William Lyon Mackenzie King
                                    1. Lord Byng ignores request to have another election
                                  2. government gave 2000$ and other help to war vets
                                    1. Help w/ housing and medical
                                    2. conscription created a gap between French and English Canadians
                                    3. autonomy
                                      1. Britian
                                        1. We relied less on Britain
                                          1. Before war Britain was our major trading partner
                                          2. USA
                                            1. We now relied heavily on the US economy
                                              1. US investment in our economy
                                              2. Independence
                                                1. represented ourselves during treaty of Versailles
                                                  1. refused to military troops to help Britain in turkey
                                                    1. 1926 London conference declares Canada as equal to Britain not a colony
                                                  2. social history
                                                    1. Aboriginals
                                                      1. residential schools
                                                        1. Got far less money for relief paymernts
                                                          1. Cut-off land continues to be taken
                                                            1. banned potluch
                                                            2. Women
                                                              1. more job oppourtunities after the war
                                                                1. Women had a bigger role inb society
                                                                  1. there were lots of concerns about women doing what they wanted
                                                                    1. shorter dresses, dancing in public
                                                                      1. gained the right to vote
                                                                        1. agres macphail first women in house of commons
                                                                          1. oct 1929 all women now considered people
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