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Mind Map on Newspapers, created by Jessica Fisher - Student on 10/23/2015.
Jessica Fisher - Student
Mind Map by Jessica Fisher - Student, updated more than 1 year ago
Jessica Fisher - Student
Created by Jessica Fisher - Student over 6 years ago

Resource summary

  1. Power
    1. Manipulation of the Media
      1. History?
      2. Propoganda?
        1. Control what gets seen
          1. Hitler
            1. Comparison
              1. how people come to power and control people/public
            2. Shock Tactics
              1. Social Media
                1. Phone Hacking
                2. Government Control
                  1. Elections
                    1. Shouldn't tell people who to vote for
                    2. Government say what they want
                      1. Publics freedom taken
                  2. Law/ Standards
                    1. Controversial
                    2. Modern Design
                      1. Will it happen?
                        1. Why/Why Not?
                      2. Changing Sides
                        1. Labour
                          1. In the beginning
                            1. Tried to humiliate Labour candidate in 1983
                              1. Negative towards Labour in 1992
                                1. Switched back in 1997
                                2. Conservitive
                                  1. Changed sides in 1974
                                    1. Returned back to conservative in 2009
                                  2. Demographics
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