Basic Ideas of Constitution

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Need to finish but Indian Constitution

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Basic Ideas of Constitution
  1. Preamble
    1. What is a Preamble
      1. Preamble is the introduction to our main constitution
        1. summarises aims and objectives
          1. First line states ''We, the people'' due to the constitutions stating that all power lies in the hand of the public
            1. Most precious part of the constitution, the soul of it even called a jewel set upon it
            2. Sovereign
              1. This means that India is free to take its own decisions, both in its internal and external matters , unlike during the British Raj
                1. It is also free to take its own stand in world matters
                2. Socialist
                  1. Added during the 42 Amendment, 1976.
                    1. Aim of government- To bridge the gap between the rich and the poor
                      1. To raise standards of living for the weaker sections of society
                      2. Secular
                        1. Also added during the 42nd Amendment
                          1. People are free to practise and spread any religion
                            1. Government cannot discriminate against any citizen due to their religions as all religions are equals in the eyes of law
                            2. Democratic
                              1. Supreme power lies in the hands of the people
                                1. People elect the representatives and the government is formed by the will of the people
                                2. Republic
                                  1. State with elected head.
                                    1. Head of state is president whose term of office is 5 years
                                      1. The post of President is not hereditary
                                    2. Ideals of the Constitution
                                      1. Justice
                                        1. Social
                                          1. Economic
                                            1. Political
                                            2. Liberty
                                              1. freedom of thought,worship,speech and faith
                                              2. Equality
                                                1. No discrimination and efforts to raise quality of living for all in the country
                                                2. Fraternity
                                                  1. As India is a country of diversity..also includes universal brotherhood
                                                3. Features of Indian Constitution
                                                  1. Written Constitution unlike the British Constitution
                                                    1. Single Citizenship - Belonging to any state, you will still have an Indian passport
                                                      1. Blend of rigidity and flexibility- some parts an be amended by simple majority while others need a special majority
                                                        1. Federal Form of government divided between the central and state governments
                                                          1. Parliamentary government- headed by Prime minister and the council of ministers
                                                          2. Fundamental Rights
                                                            1. We were denied these rights during the British Raj
                                                              1. The struggle for freedom also included struggling to get these rights for the Indians
                                                              2. Right to Equality
                                                                1. Right to Freedom
                                                                  1. Right against Exploitation
                                                                    1. Right to Freedom of Religion
                                                                      1. Cultural and Educational Rights
                                                                        1. Right to Constitutional Remedies
                                                                        2. Fundamental DUties
                                                                          1. Certain responsibilities which are obligatory for every citizen living in the country
                                                                          2. Amendment to our Constitution
                                                                            1. Has been changed 93 times till 2003
                                                                              1. Very important compilation of procedures and rules governing the issues which concern the common Indian
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