4 years old

Hamda Alfalasi
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Hamda Alfalasi
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mind map about the pies of 4 year olds

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4 years old
  1. physical
    1. gross motor
      1. good sense of balance- may be able to walk along a line
        1. stand, walk and run on tiptoe
          1. can ride a tricycle with skill and make sharp turns easily
            1. run up and down stairs, one foot per step
              1. kick, catch, throw and bounce a ball
                1. enjoy climbing trees and frames
                  1. bend at the waist to pick up objects from the floor.
                  2. fine motor
                    1. can build a tower of 10+ cubes
                      1. can spread their hand, and bring their thumbs into opposition with each finger in return
                        1. can copy a building of 3 steps using 6+ cubes
                          1. copy the letters 'x', 'v', 'h', 't', 'o'
                            1. are able to thread small beads on a lace
                              1. can draw a figure that resembles a person
                                1. hold and use a pen-pencil in an adult fashion
                                2. sensory
                                  1. match and name primary colours
                                    1. listen to long stories with attention
                                  2. emotional/social
                                    1. can eat skilfully with a spoon and a fork
                                      1. wash+dry their hands, and brush their teeth
                                        1. dress+undress themselves
                                          1. often show sensitivity to others
                                            1. like to be with other kids
                                              1. like to be independent and are strongly self-willed
                                                1. show a sense of humor
                                                2. intellectual
                                                  1. sort objects
                                                    1. talk about things in the past and the future
                                                      1. give reasons and solve problems
                                                        1. more details in drawings
                                                          1. confuse fact with fiction
                                                            1. repeat nursery rhymes with few errors
                                                              1. state full name and address
                                                                1. enjoy jokes and play on words
                                                                  1. recognize patters in the way words are formed
                                                                    1. tell long stories
                                                                      1. increased memory skills
                                                                        1. enjoy counting up to 20 and understand the concept of number up to 3
                                                                          1. talk fluently, asking questions+understand answers
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