Was Weimar doomed from the start?

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Was Weimar doomed from the start?
  1. 2. What was the economic and political impact of the Treaty of Versailles
    1. War Guilt
      1. Stab in the back by the weak politicians
        1. The November Criminals
          1. Germans were humiliated
            1. Impact : Isolated, germans saw Europe making desicions without them
      2. Bankrupt
        1. Reparations of £6600 million
          1. The government started printing money
            1. Hyper - Inflation
              1. Many felt that the government were to blame and were not taking any action
                1. Savings and pensions became useless
                  1. Drastic poverty and some died of starvation and hunger
                  2. 250 marks turned to 2000 marks in a week
          2. Military Constriciton
            1. Demillitarized the Rhineland
              1. Couldn't produce money or any raw materails.
                1. Coal mines of the Saar were run by the french for 15 years
              2. Weimar Constitution
                1. Weakeness
                  1. Propotional Representation led to weak co allition parties and governments
                    1. Hard to reach agreements with the government
                    2. Article 48 gave too much power to the president so it could turn into a dictatorship
                      1. It was the downfall of the republic or the suicide clause
                    3. Strengths
                      1. Seen as fair due to the propotionla representation
                        1. Reequired a strong and trustworthy president
                          1. Each state had a bit of control
                          2. 1923 Crisis Year
                            1. Occupation of the Ruhr
                              1. Due to the bankrupcy
                                1. Germans used passive ressistance which only made it worse off causing the depression
                              2. Hyperinfaltion
                                1. The government just printed more money making it worse
                                  1. The money just devalued
                                    1. The nation blamed the government
                                  2. Political Disorders
                                    1. Munich Putch
                                      1. Kapp Putch
                                        1. Extremist Groups
                                          1. Army refused to stop the putsch and only defeated when the workers went on strike
                                      2. Led to unrest and chaos
                                2. 1. How did Germany emerge from defeat?
                                  1. Weimar Government provided a strong country
                                    1. The Bill Of Rights
                                      1. It was a democratic government that allowed 20+ to vote
                                        1. Signed in August 1919
                                        2. The Revoloution of 1918-19
                                          1. Kaiser was persuaded to abdicate
                                            1. He couldn't control Germany due to extremist groups.
                                            2. Spatascidst Uprising
                                              1. Rosa Luxemburg
                                                1. Tried to take control of Germany
                                            3. The Sailor's mutiny at Kiel posed problems fro the Kaiser
                                              1. The Sailors mutinied rather than sail to a final showdown with the British. Soldiers, sailors and workers formed councils or soviets with echoes of events in Communist Russia.
                                            4. To what extent did Germany recover?
                                              1. Stresseman Years
                                                1. Rentemark
                                                  1. Brought a balance to the economy
                                                    1. Ended Hyperinfaltion
                                                      1. Frencha dn Belgian troops left the ruhr
                                                        1. Production of Raw Materials restarted
                                                2. Plans of Action
                                                  1. Dawes Plan
                                                    1. Young Plan
                                                      1. Caused upheaval
                                                        1. Acceptance of TofV
                                                      2. Locarno Treaty
                                                      3. Political Achievment
                                                        1. Left and Right were not recieving any votes
                                                          1. But the nationalists wanted to bring the kaiser back and overthrow the gov
                                                        2. Foreign Achievment
                                                          1. Rhineland Millitarized due to locarno treaty
                                                            1. But there were many uprisings for the acceptance
                                                          2. Economic Achievment
                                                            1. Economic recovery was very fragile
                                                              1. Hyper inflation eneded
                                                                1. Wall Street Crash stopped the Dawes Plan and Germany was dependent on their loans, so the economy crashed
                                                                  1. 1929 STRESSMAN DIED
                                                                2. Culture seen as a moral decline and going against values
                                                                3. Underlying Wekness
                                                                  1. Political Stability didn't last long
                                                                    1. Extremists and Nationalsists still exsisted
                                                                      1. Coallition of pro-democracy parties collapsed at the end of 1923
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