The Iron age and the Celts

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Created by computerme1 almost 6 years ago
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The Iron age and the Celts
1 Houses and settlements
1.1 Ring Forts
1.1.1 enclosed by ditches and earthen banks
1.1.2 round in shape
1.1.3 souterrains were places were food could be stored and could be used as an escape passage from predators
1.2 Promontory forts
1.2.1 built on a Cliffside or headland most of them were on the south or the west coasts of ireland
1.3 Hill forts
1.3.1 built on a prominent site on a hill
1.3.2 similar to ring forts but much larger
1.3.3 ceremonial or religious purposes
2 Celtic society
2.1 Ri
2.2 warriors, aos dana, nobles
2.3 commoners
2.4 slaves
3 Writing
3.1 on ogham stones
4 warriors and farmers
4.1 southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland
5 Iron age replaced the Bronze age

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