Member Court Booking Tasks

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Member Court Booking Mind Map

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Member Court Booking Tasks
  1. Create Security Role Group
    1. o Will be presented with a read-onlyview of the ‘Court Booking’ grid 1hr
      1. Are not able to expand the row.E.G. Edit Booking 1hr
      2. Partial Bookings
        1. Add config setting for SlotInterval and wire in toevent controller overridinghard coded value of 30. 2hr
          1. These partial bookingsshould not counttowards the membersbooking allowance. 2hrs
          2. 4.2. Calendar Page Actions
            1. Only ‘Lead Bookers’ will be able to see edit for the bookings that they are lead. AECB-96 5hr
              1. The grid should automatically load bookings from ‘Today’s Date’ onwards. User should be able to use the filters search for previous bookings. 1hr
                1. • Export This will allow the user to export the selected rows. Security o This should only appear for ‘Administrators’ 1hr
                  1. • Cancel Booking This should allow the user to cancel a booking. A prompt message asking ‘Are You Sure’ should appear. 1hr
                  2. 4.1. Calendar Grid
                    1. The length of time thecell is locked isdetermined in the ‘GridConfiguration Settings’section. 1hr
                      1. • It should be possible to configurewho is returned in the ‘Type andSearch’ - Individuals – Active, Roles,Active of a certain type ,Membership – Active of a certaintype Wimbledon: , Full ,Temp, Hon,Life, Junior ( 1 day )
                        1. Dropdown - Admin (AD) –Only ‘Admins’ can makeseE this (Do throughsecurity manager) 1hr
                          1. Number Booking Rule: Exception• ‘Tournament’ and ‘Admin’ ‘Type’bookings are not counted as one ofa members booking allocation.• Bookings made in partial bookingslots are not counted as one of amembers booking allocation. 4hr
                            1. • Duration of Booking – DropDown list (Multiples of‘Intervals/Slot Length’ setting)o Read Only for ‘Members’. (Code done needs testing ) 1hr
                              1. Booking Limits Rules o A new daystarts at 9:00 each day. If a membertries to book before the new daystarts a message should appear‘Please wait until 9:00am’ 2hr
                                1. Email - Any individuals whohas been removed from thebooking Dear X, you have beenremoved from the booking onX date, time, booked by Y Leadbooker. 4hr
                                  1. In all above cases theapplication should indicate tothe individual making thebooking which of the attendeeswill/will not receive the email.4hr
                                    1. The below actions should appear if onehave been selected which does not containa booking (Only Admins and WJTIAdmins can multi select): DESCOPE –REMOVE MERGE 1hr
                                      1. • Export This will allow the user to export the selected rows. Security o This should only appear for ‘Administrators’ 1hr
                                      2. 5. Calendar Config
                                        1. Config for Intervals/Slot Length – Mins (Wim Default to be 15mins, with a minimum of 15mins) This is currently hard coded to 30 minutes. 1hr
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