New Kid

Austin Roberts
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Austin Roberts
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New Kid
  1. Main
    1. Nagel
      1. Trouble maker
        1. A jerk
        2. Brock's dad
          1. Very secritive about his work
            1. Always running off for work
          2. Cherecters
            1. Brock
              1. A goody goody
                1. Very athletic at pitching
                2. Bella
                  1. Very good at softball
                    1. Straight A student
                  2. Theme
                    1. Message/ Theme-The theme in this book is if your dad don't tell you about his work it's better off not knowing.
                      1. How brought into your book- This theme was brought into the book because Brock's dad was always going on buissnies trips that Brock couldn't know about, so he asked his dad what kind of work does he do.
                      2. Author
                        1. Tim Green
                        2. Main conflict
                          1. Main conflict- The main conflict is that brock and his dad keep moving off from state to state, and Brock isn't even his real name
                          2. SETTING
                            1. Pennsylvana
                              1. Ohio
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