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book project
Andrew Calabria
Mind Map by Andrew Calabria, updated more than 1 year ago
Andrew Calabria
Created by Andrew Calabria over 6 years ago

Resource summary

  1. characters
    1. March
      1. Very Smart
        1. Caring
        2. Alfie
          1. Smart
            1. Caring
            2. Jules
              1. Person named (Blue)
                1. Mean
                2. Nice
                  1. Athletic
                  2. Lilly
                    1. Funny
                      1. Nice
                      2. Darius
                        1. Strong
                          1. Protective
                        2. Setting
                          1. Loot Takes place in Londen Called Amsterdam
                            1. Most of there heist happen at night
                              1. Blue Moon
                                1. Time
                                  1. Present
                                2. Conflict
                                  1. Lilly, March, Darius and Jules are on a mission to recover 7 magic moonstones
                                    1. If the kids returen the stons to Carlotta Grimstone who is very rich. Then they will get 10 million dollors.
                                      1. There is also a lot more people trying to get the Magic moonstones before the kids do.
                                      2. Theme
                                        1. The message of thins book is that no matter how hard something is, if you really want it you will work for it.
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