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History of human resourses


the full history of how HR started
Hady Makram
Mind Map by Hady Makram, updated more than 1 year ago
Hady Makram
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History of human resourses
  1. The beginning
    1. Welfare state
      1. Personal administration
        1. Human resourses mangment
      2. Michael porter
        1. competitve advantage
          1. Innovation
            1. Quality
              1. Cost mangment
            2. Kay
              1. Distincative capabilities
                1. Reproducible Capabilities
                  1. Strategic Capabilities
            3. Traditional therioes
              1. Fredrick Taylor
                1. Scientific management
                  1. Division of labour
                  2. Contemporary therioes
                    1. scientific devolpment
                      1. Globlization
                      2. Maintenance and commitment of talent
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