Million Dollar Kick

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My book project on A million dollar kick.

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Million Dollar Kick
1 Characters
1.1 Whisper Nelson
1.1.1 Brave
1.1.2 Courageous
1.2 Carmen Applegate
1.2.1 Sassy
1.2.2 Smart
2 Setting
2.1 Summer/Modern
2.2 Oklahoma
3 Theme
3.1 Don't stop trying
3.2 Whisper wasn't good at soccer but she kept practicing her kick everyday.
4 Main conflict
4.1 Whisper isn't good at soccer but she won't stop practicing because she has the opportunity to win a million dollars.
4.2 When Whisper was little she was on a soccer team. One game she got the ball and took a shot. She scores but in her own goal. She dicsides to sign her name up for the million dollar kick since her sister wasn't old enough. She thought it was a one in a million chance that she would win.
5 Million Dollar Kick
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