Artist Identity- Alina Baraz

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Artist Identity- Alina Baraz
1 Image
1.1 Alina has a very modern teenage tumblr like look to her, which is what probably helps her attract the sort of audience she gets and probably wants to be getting. She is quite unique with her style but in a way follows mainstream media in terms of looks. But her image is the same that of her audience that is expected to be listening to her music and potentiality going through the same as her.
2 Institution
2.1 Institutions such as Def Jam Recordings would have labels that Baraz could be signed to because many similar artists to Alina Baraz are signed to them, such as Jhene Akio, who also has similar music that Baraz has. Def Jam Recordings have some of the biggest artists signed to them, such as Rihanna, Kanye West and Justin Bieber.
3 Genre
3.1 Alina Baraz has quite a modern genre to the type of music that she creates. She tends to create a genre called 'Urban Flora' but at the same time her music can he related to neo soul and hip-hop. But her songs are quite unique has they have a modern twist to them.
4 Audience
4.1 Alina Baraz's audience seems to be teenage girls and adults in there early 20's, so going from about the ages of 17-23. I would say her audience is likely to be around this age because the kind of songs that Alina Baraz has seems to relate to what someone of that age may be going through and at the same time describing how they probably are feeling. The artist is between the same age as her audience, making it easier for her as the singer to be able to related to them
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