Umayyads & Abbasids

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Umayyads & Abbasids


  1. Umayyads
    1. Mu'awiyah
      1. hereditary caliphate
        1. Capital to Damascus
        2. CONQUESTS
          1. Est. & West of Mediterrean
            1. North Africa
              1. Berbers
                1. Strait of Gibraltar to Spain
                  1. stopped @ battle of tours
                2. Uneasy border w/ Byzantines
                  1. Old Roman Empire
                    1. Mesopotamia
                      1. Persia
                        1. Central Asia
                          1. wealth, new ethnic groups, contact with other civilizations
                          2. THE STRUGGLE BUS
                            1. bias towards Arabs v. non-arabs
                              1. Financial: were corrupt and terrible rulers
                                1. Capital far from frontier = hard to govern
                                  1. hostile regions
                                  2. HUSSEIN
                                    1. 72 people vs. 10,000. real stupid and all died, but everyone was like :0 and he became a martyr
                                      1. split in Islam
                                  3. Loss of Power
                                    1. corrupt and overthrown
                                  4. Abbasids
                                    1. Abu Al- Abbas
                                      1. Overthrew Umayyads; set up Abbasids in 750
                                      2. Capital: Baghdad on Tigris
                                        1. river traffic and caravan
                                          1. Persian Influence
                                          2. related to Muhammad- happy Shia
                                            1. religion, not ethnicity- not happy shia but HAPPY not arabs
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