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WLD HST 1 Chapter 5 sections 2 Spider note

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1 Geography
1.1 Sea: Aegean, Ionian, Black Seas
1.1.1 Transportation Trade
1.2 Land: mountainous
1.2.1 political influence
1.2.2 mostly not arable seek for colonies
1.3 Climates
1.3.1 48~80F supported an outdoor life
2 Mycenaean
2.1 City Mycenae
2.1.1 massive protective wall
2.1.2 contact with Minoans tell them the value of trade writing system decorated vase
2.2 Trojan War:1 200B.C.
2.2.1 lasted 10 yrs
2.2.2 Troy: independent trading city in Anatolia
2.2.3 Helen
2.2.4 Evidence in Turkey
3 2000B.C.: Indo-Euro settled in Greek
4 Dorians
4.1 1200B.C.: sea raiders attacked
4.1.1 Dorians moved in
4.2 "Dark Age" 1150~750 B.C.:no written record
5 Epics
5.1 Homer: 750~700 B.C.
5.1.1 Not a real person
5.1.2 Blind
5.1.3 Greatest storyteller
5.2 narrative poems celebrating heroic deeds
5.3 arete: virtue/excellence
6 Myths
6.1 Gods with human qualities
6.1.1 Lived forever
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