Sociology - Theories

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Sociology Theories mind map

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Sociology - Theories
  1. Functionalism
    1. Sees society as a greater than a sum of its component parts
      1. All component parts "function" together in an agreed way to produce something greater than all of them added together
        1. "Parts" refers to objects, ideas, norms, structures, institutions, values, beliefs
          1. Altering one function affects the whole
            1. Other parts may adapt to compensate for any dysfunction
        2. Strengths - "Positive" out look
          1. Weaknesses - Tends to ignore social change, out of date/old fashioned, neglects to look at causes of social problems
          2. Feminism
            1. Argues that society should be studied from a "gender" base
              1. Society is made up of gender roles
                1. Humans are socialised into gender roles from birth
              2. Focuses on the subordinate role of women
                1. Subordinate: Lower in rank or position
                2. Advocates equality for both genders
                  1. Biological differences are natural BUT gender differences are socially constructed
                    1. Women are socialised into weaker positions
                  2. Interactionism
                    1. Contrasts structural approaches
                      1. Emphasises the impact of "the individual"
                      2. Focuses on interpreting meanings which people give to social actions
                        1. The influences of society is denied but acknowledged as something which is changeable via action or perspective of an individual
                          1. Symbols are the foundations on which interactions are built
                            1. Interpretation of the symbol is important in order to understand the social behaviour
                          2. Conflict Theory
                            1. Sees society composed of opposing groups
                              1. Conflicting for share of (scarce) recsources
                                1. Dominant group emerges
                                  1. Dominant group sets the agenda as it has POWER
                                2. Society is held together by coerced/control/constraint inforced by dominant groups
                                3. THEORIES EXPLAINED
                                  1. Explain behaviours of peoples in groups
                                    1. Explain aspects of society from different perspectives
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