Improving Public Health (in Africa)

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Improving public health in Africa.

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Improving Public Health (in Africa)
  1. Climate
    1. 90% of tropical diseases occur in Africa
      1. organisms that cause diseases thrive on tropical weather
        1. insects that carry diseases thrive on tropical weather
        2. Disease
          1. malaria
            1. carried by mosquitos
              1. causes flu-like symptoms
                1. began as an epidemic, then became a pandemic
                  1. can be treated
                    1. draining or treating water where insects breed
                      1. sleeping under mosquito nets treated with chemicals to kill insects
                    2. some are infectious (spread rapidly)
                    3. Poverty
                      1. contributes to the spread of disease
                        1. lack of money (cannot buy...)
                          1. mosquito nets
                            1. screened windows
                              1. technology for draining insect breeding grounds
                              2. raises the rates of other infections
                                1. overcrowding
                                  1. poor sanitation
                                    1. contaminated water
                                  2. The Fight Against Disease
                                    1. common diseases
                                      1. malaria
                                        1. HIV/AIDS
                                          1. yellow fever
                                          2. vaccines
                                            1. treatments designed to increase immunity, or resistance, to a particular disease
                                            2. organizations are helping to find cures for diiseases
                                              1. non-profits
                                                1. Malaria No More
                                                  1. World Health Center
                                                    1. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
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