Vanessa's Decision (positive/negative)

Shelby  Weaver
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Shelby  Weaver
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A story for English

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Vanessa's Decision (positive/negative)
    1. Probably already know
      1. Happier
        1. Load off chest
          1. Freedom
            1. Be yourself
              1. Can't choose who you love
          2. Unconditional Love
            1. Acceptance
          3. Ultimate decision
            1. Unhappiness
              1. Future gf unhappy
                1. secret relationship
                  1. No kids
                    1. No marriage
                    2. Inevitable breakup
                2. No labels
                  1. Stereotypes
                    1. Homophobia
                      1. Lie
                  2. Religious
                    1. Unacceptance
                      1. don't want to marry a guy
                        1. Have kids?
                          1. Not worth it
                  3. To not tell parents she's gay
                    1. Continuity: girlfriend
                      1. Nothing wrong with it
                        1. does it even matter?
                      2. All negatives
                      3. To tell parents she's gay
                        1. All positives
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