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Essay 1 - Niharika


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Essay 1 - Niharika
  1. Key terms: Network? gaining? Uses? Knowledge?- Gain- how we learn about the world. Network- interconnection between ways of knowing. How one needs the other... How does that facilitate the way we gain knowledge.
    1. similar ways- to show how the networks result in different -Math and science- How is reason and logic used in the 2 AOK's? How well do they work? Their disadvantages and advantages?
      1. Math: Reason- much of the reasoning in mathematics that justifies decisions is based on axioms and postulates and is therefore widely accepted. This allows a logical thinking process due to inductive reasoning.
        1. One cannot be used in isolation
        2. Natural sciences.... The natural sciences deal with the natural world, methodology- try and answer how the world we live in works. .
        3. Title in Simple terms: Information is acquired by applying a number of approaches.
          1. Possible KQ's: To what extend are a network of ways of knowing used while gaining knowledge in the natural sciences and math? To what extent does gaining knowledge require a network of ways of knowing in math and NS?
            1. possible counterclaims for this title? In each AOK some WOKs may be more effective than other. For example, emotion does not play a big role in math while logic and reasoning is more accurate. Each individual wok could still be reliable.
              1. Claim 1: Maths- Mathematics- Mathematics is an AOK that has axioms and postulates as its fundamental base that allows reasoning. The starting point of reasoning is called an axiom or a postulate. It is considered so evident that it is accepted as true without controversy if the particular framework or system is being applied. They act as first principles that offer a logical foundation for reasoning in maths. Therefore, reason and logic…. 2. Language? It can not be eliminated?? One wok allows one perspective while the other gives another. Together they help us understand an AOK.
                1. Counter claim: However, in the framework of mathematics, the most important AOK is reasoning. This is because inductive reasoning is used through the axioms and first principle. However, it could be fallible. This is because even logical reasoning has limitations because it is limited to just one mathematical framework. 2. Limitations of math as a language.
                  1. However, how reliable are the WOKS? Can I be more reliable than the other? Therefore, we ma not need to use a network?
                  2. C2. Network of woks used in NS- reason, sense perception?? However, how reliable are they?
                    1. CC. It would be more beneficial if emotion was not used? Therefore is it better if a network of WOK are not used ?Bias, conformational bias?
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