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Being an Intentional Teacher


Being an Intention Teacher
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Being an Intentional Teacher
  1. How do I create lessons that stimulate all levels of learning but are not too easy or too challenging?
    1. By knowing where each child is specifically in all areas of learning
      1. Observing children while learning and giving assessments helps with finding their level
        1. Detailed explicit notes should be taken along with running records
      2. Having broad lessons or lessons with different level problems
        1. Pairing higher level students with lower level
          1. Know all students strengths and needs
            1. OS, Observation, and Running Records
          2. Make connections with words everyone knows
            1. Word/Letter work with children
              1. Know what words the children can take to fluency
          3. What course design will be the most effective for my students?
            1. Incorporates activities based on state content standards
              1. Use the learners prior knowledge, experience, and interests to plan lessons
                1. Provide opportunities for the student to use oral language skill to find the above
              2. Provide instructional accommodations, modifications, and adaptations to meet the needs of each individual learner
                1. Detailed book introduction,
                  1. Specific prompting
                2. How can I make sure all aspects of my curriculum are sensitive to individual differences
                  1. Observe the students to find their individual culture, ethnicity, and social differences
                    1. Being able to differentiate between a student having difficulties related to language learning and between a student having difficulties related to cognitive development
                      1. Give lessons in all language areas such as letter/word work, rereading, and running record
                    2. By thinking unbiasedly it will be easier to be sensitive to all differences without having to over think
                      1. Know the children personally and what they are interested in
                        1. Provide opportunities for children to use their oral language
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