What we Know about Play

Alex Booth
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Alex Booth
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Includes lots of different thing on play which I have learnt during my time at college

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What we Know about Play
  1. 7 Play types
    1. Symobolic
      1. Books & play which support language enrichment
        1. Play with technology
          1. Games
            1. Vigorous
              1. Discovery
                1. Creative
                2. Develop early numeracy
                  1. Develop early literacy eg. making notes, letters & mark making
                    1. Fine motor skills - use tools, pick up things, drawing
                      1. Hand to eye coordination
                        1. Control of movment
                          1. Gross motor skills eg. running, jumping & dancing
                            1. Paralell play - playing alongside others but not interacting
                              1. Co-operative play - playing and interacting with others
                                1. Play can change children's emotions
                                  1. Enjoying play can help to distract from what makes them sad
                                    1. Play can help get rid of anger and fustration
                                    2. Listening skills - sound & hearing
                                      1. Early science eg. what flouts and sinks
                                        1. Gives thinking time eg. colouring
                                          1. Role of the adult
                                            1. Make sure playing safetly
                                              1. Well planned and prepared for play ie. materials out etc.
                                                1. Provide opportunity for progress
                                                  1. Fun - engaged in play
                                                    1. Provide differentiation, variety and opportunities for challenge
                                                      1. Follow health and safety
                                                        1. Make sure all children are learning
                                                          1. Play is achievable to promote success
                                                            1. Supports a variety of children's needs (leaning and emotional)
                                                              1. Give praise and encouagment
                                                                1. Reassurance, patience and enthusiastic
                                                                  1. Support sharing and taking turns
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