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Joining Methods


joinnging methods
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Joining Methods
  1. Temporary
    1. Tapping and threading
      1. Nuts, bolts and washers
        1. Uses: Nuts and bolts can provide temporary fixing and can easily be undone. Maily used for things that can come eaily undone.
          1. Advantages:
            1. Disadvantages:
          2. Uses: For creating thread either external or idependant depending on the application.
            1. Advantages: Can be used on either plastic or metal
              1. Can be used to replace old or damaged threads
                1. Allows nuts to be used as temporary fixing.
              2. Disadvantages: If it isn't square you will get a drunken head
                1. If not used correctly, smaller ones can break easier
                  1. Can be difficult to start
              3. Screws
                1. Knock Down fitting
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