Key Conventions of Film Noir

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Key Conventions of Film Noir
1 Extreme Close Ups
1.1 Often used to amplify the emotion they express and to show tension building
2 Black And White
2.1 This allows a 'moody', atmospheric feel to the film
3 Non Linear Narrative
3.1 The narrative moves forward and back in time
4 Interesting Camera Angles
4.1 Low Angles
4.2 High Angles
4.3 Canted Angles
5 Mise En scene is damp and dull
5.1 Rain is often used to achieve this, it creates a dystonpian atmosphere
6 Reflections In Objects In Frame
6.1 Often reflected in things like vases, helps to created a distorted atmosphere
7 Often Sound Is Quite
7.1 A silent scene can create a huge amount of tension to the viewer, hence why silence is used. Tension building
8 Heavy Shadows
8.1 Also helps to achieve a moody atmosphere
9 Deep Depth Of Field
9.1 Causes the most important person to be in main focus, and draws the attention to them
10 Dull Lighting
10.1 Again also adds to the atmosphere of the film and also assists in tension building
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