Closing the Feedback Loop

John Baglow
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Planning a project

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Closing the Feedback Loop
1 Me as networked practitioner
1.1 analysis of my activity
1.1.1 analysis of others' activity
1.1.2 theoretical evidence
1.1.3 evidence based on practice blog comments twitter webinars
2 Rationale and planned activity
2.1 relationship to conference themes
2.2 Progress against outcomes
2.3 recommendations for improvement
2.4 conference presentation
2.4.1 review of 2 presentations Critical reflection
2.4.2 review of my presentation
2.4.3 EMA
2.5 Precise examples from my work to support my claims
2.6 Be clear how oped ed relates to formative and summative feedback
2.7 My definition of feedback + justification of definition
2.8 Vicarious learning
2.9 What is being said about open ed feedback practices
2.10 Changing the culture in FE
3 Harvard
4 TMA02
4.1 poster outlining presentation


  • Thoughts on digital scholarship see seller's slides - huge pictures
4.1.1 Accessibility statement or alternative
4.1.2 work with 2 peers Anna Orridge
4.2 abstract
4.3 extended abstract with rationalisation for my approach in the conference
4.3.1 Plans to use online networking to develop, present or support my work
4.4 3 sources for evidence
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