Emmett Till

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Emmett till

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Emmett Till
  1. Born
    1. 25th July 1941
      1. Chicago, Illinois, United States
        1. An only child
          1. Nickname: Bobo
          2. Died
            1. 28th August 1955
              1. Money, Mississippi, United States
                1. Murdered
                  1. Two men Kidnapped him, beat him and shot him in the head then threw his body in a river.
                  2. Aged 14
                  3. Homelife
                    1. Parents
                      1. Mamie Carthan Till- Mobley
                        1. Louis Till
                          1. Never knew him as Louis worked as a private for the US in WW2
                        2. Grand Parents
                          1. Alma Carthan
                            1. John Carthan
                          2. Facts
                            1. Grew up in a middle-classed black neighbourhood
                              1. In South Chicago
                                1. Neighbourhood for black companies
                                  1. Such a Pharmacies, Beauty Salons, Insurance companies and night clubs
                                2. Took over housework at a young age while his mum worked 12 hours a day
                                  1. Quite chubby
                                    1. Always had jokes to tell
                                    2. Education
                                      1. Went to the All-black McCosh Grammar School
                                        1. Made a lot of friends there
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