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Elements of a Novel: Drive Me Crazy


Quarter two book project for Miss. Bush- Scrapbook
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Elements of a Novel: Drive Me Crazy
  1. Main Characters:
    1. Name: Lana
      1. Characteristic: Honest and Selfless
      2. Name: Cassie
        1. Characteristic: Rude and Moody
      3. Main Conflict:
        1. Conflict/Problem: When Lana and Cassie are currently on a road trip they can't get along because Cassie is always on her phone all the time and Lana gets very agitated with her, but Lana is also keeping something for Cassie.
          1. Cause: They have to go to a road trip together for Lana's Grandpa and Cassie's Grandma's honeymoon. Cassie is very angry because she can't stay with her "awesome" friends, and Lana can't stop thinking about her mom who Lana might think is dying and her parents won't tell her what's wrong with her because they think she's not ready to hear it.
          2. Theme:
            1. Message/Theme: True friends always have your back unlike the friends who you think are your friends.
              1. How brought out in Book: When Kendra Mack, "Cassie's Best Friend" turns her back on Cassie, Cassie's only friend left is Lana. Lana realizes how lonely Cassie is and helps Cassie.
              2. Setting:
                1. Time: Summer
                  1. Place/Location: California
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