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Nazi electoral success


What factors led to the Nazi's success?
Louis Blair
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Louis Blair
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Nazi electoral success
  1. Economic depression
    1. negative appeal
      1. threat of communism +the Jews
        1. bulwark against communism
      2. National appeal
        1. make Germany great
          1. change treaty of versailles
          2. economic recovery
            1. destroy weimar
              1. sectional appeal
                1. targeted messages
                2. success amoung middle classes
                  1. very attractive policies
                3. SA
                  1. propaganda through deed
                    1. fear of an SA seizure of power prompted elite to support hitler as they felt he could control them
                      1. helped recuitment offering 'a warm hearth, a helping hand and a sense of comradeship'
                      2. Hitler
                        1. uncomplicated speeches that anyone could understand
                          1. ability to transfix audiences
                          2. social democratic party underestimated the hatred of Weimar republic
                            1. Hitler actually was elected chancellor through a behind the scenes deal.
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