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Zero Tolerence


A book full of surpises and unexpected turns
Addison Morris
Mind Map by Addison Morris, updated more than 1 year ago
Addison Morris
Created by Addison Morris over 6 years ago

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Zero Tolerence
  1. by: Claudia Mills
    1. Characters
      1. Sierra
        1. Smart
          1. intelligent
          2. Luke
            1. mean
              1. obnotcious
              2. Ms. Lin
                1. grumpy
                  1. strict
                2. Theme
                  1. Even the best students cant get in big trouble
                    1. Honnor student lina gets suspension for accidentally bringing a knife to school.
                    2. Main Conflict
                      1. honnor student Lina gets suspended
                        1. her and her moms luches get swiched up and her mom had a knife in her lunch to cut her apple, Lina turns the knife in and gets suspened due to a zero tolerance policy
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