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Elements of a novel


This happend to Harrison
Ty Robinson
Mind Map by Ty Robinson, updated more than 1 year ago
Ty Robinson
Created by Ty Robinson over 6 years ago

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Elements of a novel
  1. Characters
    1. Mean
      1. Leo Howard
        1. Adam Varnett
        2. Nice
          1. Coach
            1. Mrs. Kelly
              1. Harrison
                1. Doc Smart
                  1. Becky Smart
                    1. Justin
                  2. Theme
                    1. Harrison is living with foster parents but they end up hurting him so he goes to a different foster family. This time they are a nice family. The dad is a coach for Middle School Football, the mom is a lawyer. The dad has him play football, but towards the end of the season he thought he sprained his ankle, but it turns out to be cancer. This is a story about how Harrison overcomes being bullied, bone cancer, and the loss of his leg.
                    2. Point of view
                      1. Third Person point of view.
                      2. Setting
                        1. Middle School, Hospital (to get the chemeo) , His new Home
                        2. Unstoppable By: Tim Green
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