Industrial Relations Chapter 27

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Industrial Relations Chapter 27
  1. Industrial Relations is the term used to describe the relationship between management and workers in a firm
    1. A Trade Union is an organisation of workers set up to protect and improve their conditions of employment
      1. A shop steward is a worker elected by fellow workers to represent the trade union in the actual place of work
        1. Craft Trade Unions are unions that represent people of the same trade or skill
          1. Industrial Trade Unions are unions that represent all employees in a particular industry regardless of the nature of their employment
            1. General Trade Unions represent all categories of workers in all industries
              1. White Collar Trade Unions represent people who work in either an office jobs or service industries
                1. Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) is a representative body for most trade unions in Ireland
                  1. The Irish Business and Employers Confederation (IBEC) Is a representative body that promotes the interests of business and employers in Ireland
                    1. Conciliation means that an independent person works with the opposing parties in a dispute with the aim of helping them reach an agreement
                      1. Arbitration is the process of resolving disputes by referring the issue to a third party who makes a judgement on the dispute
                        1. Labour Relations Commission (LBC) aims to improve industrial relations and to settle industrial disputes
                          1. Rights Commissioners provide an informal and quick resolution to disputes between individual (or small groups of) employees and their employers on issues other than equality
                            1. Equality Officers are appointed by the Labour Relations Commission to provide a conciliation service for equality matters in employment
                              1. The Labour Court is a tribunal used to attempt to resolve disputes that could not be resolved by the Labour Relations Commission.
                                1. The Employment Appeals Tribunal is an independent body that deals with disputes where employees think their employment rights have been infringed
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