The Odyssey

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the odyssey

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The Odyssey
1 The Greeks
1.1 Odysseus
1.2 Goddess Athena
1.3 Aeolus
2 Part 1
2.1 Odysseus set for his homeland and he stopped off at many other lands before his homeland
2.1.1 Cicones
2.1.2 The land of Lotus-eaters
2.1.3 Cyclopes They went into a large cave there in which the Cyclops Polythemus trapped them in Polythemus was the son of Poseidon Ate and killed a lot of Odysseus' men Odysseus' men blinded Polythemus so Poseidon was called upon
2.1.4 Aeolus
3 Part 2
3.1 Aeolus was after Cyclopes
3.1.1 Aeolus was the keeper of wind He gave Odysseus a bag of wind The men became curious and opened the bag Wind came out and their ship was blown back to Aeolus Aeolus refused to help them and told them to leave
4 Part 3
4.1 They then landed in Laestrygonians
4.1.1 Giants ate most of the men and destroyed all the ships but one The Goddess Cicre cast a spell on all of Odysseus' men and himself They were saved and got turned back into humans

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