Infinity Ring

Devin Brodersen
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Devin Brodersen
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Infinity Ring
  1. James Dashner
    1. Setting
      1. Back in Time
        1. Pre-modern
        2. Characters
          1. Jordan
            1. Not Smart
              1. Cowardly
              2. Sara
                1. Smart
                  1. loud
                2. Dak
                  1. Nerdy
                    1. Fast runner
                3. Theme
                  1. Never judge a book by it's cover
                    1. They let me know this because they thought the people back in time would be friends by what they looked like, but they tryed to kill Dak and Sara
                    2. Main Conflict
                      1. Didn't use the time travel divise right
                        1. Messed up the time line
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