Ku Klux Klan

Jack McKinlay
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SQA History Mind Map on Ku Klux Klan, created by Jack McKinlay on 04/12/2013.

Jack McKinlay
Created by Jack McKinlay almost 6 years ago
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Ku Klux Klan
1 Origins
1.1 Seperation
1.1.1 Racial
1.2 Social Groups
1.3 Started after Civil War
1.3.1 1865
1.4 Purity of Whites
2 Aims
2.1 Standing up for White rights
2.2 White Power
2.2.1 They felt that black were inferior and the Klan didn't like blacks
2.3 Racial Seperation
2.3.1 No mixed marrages
2.4 To build an empire
2.4.1 Purity of white women hood
2.4.2 Have an all white government
2.5 Control people they didn't want
3 Activities
3.1 Burning of the cross
3.2 Speeches
3.2.1 Ralies Thousands joined the ralies
3.3 Terrorism
3.3.1 Bombings
3.4 Murders
3.5 Intimidation
3.5.1 Bus Boycotting
4 Power
4.1 Made connection to chrtistianity
4.2 So much power, they got away with anything (Murders, Lynchings)
4.3 Thousands joined ralies
4.4 Film
4.4.1 The Birth of a Nation Woodrow Wilson agreed with the message of the film
4.4.2 Portrayed Blacks as enemies and the KKK as heros
4.5 By 1920, over 3 million had joined the KKK

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