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1 primary foods, which can be processed into other ingredients and products
2 cheap to produce
3 whole grain, cereals are rich sources of:
3.1 carbohydrates
3.2 fats
3.3 oils
3.4 LBV protein
4 storage: cool dry place, airtight container
5 wheat
5.1 milled to make flour
5.2 couscous, pasta, breakfast cereals
5.3 types of wheat flour
5.3.1 whole meal flour 100%- of the germ, bran and endosperm brown colour and grainy texture
5.3.2 brown flour 85-90% light brown colour, grainy texture
5.3.3 white flour 70%bran and germ removed has to be fortified by law with iron, calcium etc. to replace lost nutrients smooth texture
5.3.4 strong plain flour- high gluten for bread making
5.3.5 self raising- includes raising agent
5.3.6 soft flour- low gluten, for cakes+pastries
5.3.7 gluten-free
6 rice
6.1 brown rice- highly nutricious
6.1.1 rich in fibre, lbv protein, starchy carbohyrate
6.1.2 nutty+chewy texture
6.2 staple food
6.3 easy to cook+prepare+long shelf life
7 maize/corn
7.1 popping corn
7.2 illed into corn flour
7.3 used to manufacture breakfast cereals
7.4 corn on the cob
7.5 thickening agent for sauces and liquids
8 oats
8.1 manufacturers roll and crush oats between heated rollers to soften them and partially cook them
8.2 porridge
8.3 muesli-type breakfast cereals
8.4 biscuits

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