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1 Substances found in food that you use to obtain energy, build or repair tissue and regulate body functions
2 Needed to:
2.1 Fuel your energy
2.2 Help you grow
2.3 Repair itself
2.4 Maintain basic bodily functions
3 6 essential nutrients
3.1 Water
3.1.1 Most basic nutrient; can't survive more than a few days without it
3.2 Carbohydrates
3.2.1 Come in two forms: simple and complex Simple: High in calories, low in nutritional value Complex: excellent source of energy; aids in digestion
3.3 Protein
3.3.1 Nutrient most people get plenty of Complete: Contain all 9 essentials; found in animal sources Incomplete: Lack one or more of the essentials; found in plant sources
3.4 Fats
3.4.1 Brain and nerves don't work well without it
3.4.2 Provide substances needed for growth, provide energy, enhance taste
3.4.3 Saturated fats: raise bad cholesterol
3.4.4 Trans fat: created in food manufacturing when liquid vegetable oils are turned into solid fat using a process called hydrogenation
3.4.5 Unsaturated fats: 2 types Polyunsaturated: provide two essential fatty acids Monounsaturated: Play a role in reducing the risk of heart disease
3.5 Vitamins
3.5.1 Help break down energy from protein
3.6 Minerals
3.6.1 Perform a variety of functions in the body
4 Fiber: indigestible but helps digestion
4.1 Speeds up food passage
5 Amino acids
5.1 Chemical acids in protein
5.2 20 total
5.3 The human body can produce 11 of them
5.4 The other 9 called "essential amino acids" are the ones that must be recieved through foods
6 Cholesterol: Fat substance in every cell of the body
6.1 Help make necessary cells
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