Small as an Elephant

LeighAnn Cauwels
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LeighAnn Cauwels
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my mindmap for the book small as an elephant

Resource summary

Small as an Elephant
1 Jennifer Richard Jacobson
2 Theme
2.1 The theme shows when Jack sees Lydia and his grandma is there
2.2 Family members will love you no matter what
3 Setting
3.1 The time is over a period of days
3.2 The setting takes place in many cities all over Maine
4 Characters
4.1 Jack
4.1.1 Brave
4.1.2 Smart
4.1.3 Anxious
4.2 Mom
4.2.1 Adventurous
4.2.2 Crazy
4.2.3 Nice
4.3 Grandma
4.3.1 Caring
4.3.2 Scared
4.3.3 Loving
5 Main Conflict
5.1 The conflict is that Jack has to find his mother
5.2 The conflict is caused because his mother left him while they were in vacation
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