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  1. Peter finds out he's going to have another to sibling
    1. He plans to run away
      1. But is persuaded not by his mom
      2. His baby sister Tootsie, is born
        1. Peter's little brother Fudge covered Tootsie with stamps.
          1. He also hides her in a closet
        2. Peter finds out worse news when he finds out that he is going to move from New York to New Jersey
          1. Has to say good bye to his best friend Jimmy
            1. Once moved to New York he meets a new friend, Alex
              1. Finds out that Jimmy's dad has become famous because of his art work
          2. Fudge goes to the first day of Kindergarten
            1. Things don't end well
              1. Peter has to be called down to Fudge's classroom because he was on top of the cabinets and won't come down
                1. Peter finds out that Fudge gives the teacher bruises
                  1. Fudge is switched to the other class
                    1. Fudge gets a pet bird
                      1. He brings his pet bird to show and tell
            2. They move back to New York
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