"Desire" (Rhetorical Analysis Outline)

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Rhetorical Analysis Outline

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"Desire" (Rhetorical Analysis Outline)
1 Background Information
1.1 Source of Speech/Monologue: Mateusz M
1.2 Character/Actor/Speaker : Eric Thomas, Les Brown, and Tom Hardy
1.3 Audience: People who need to find their motive
1.4 Goal: To tell people to find their motive, so they can reach their desires
1.5 Context: Find something within to help push yourself because, people can't always do the motivating for you. If you want something you have to go after it and motivate yourself
2 Logos
2.1 direct quote: "When you are like that lion?
2.1.1 effect: The lion has to provide for it's pride. They're others depending on it . Therefore, there's no room for failure, they have their own motivation..
2.2 direct quote: "You got lawyers who are skilled but arrogant."
2.2.1 effect: Having a good character is just as important as having motivation because, having a bad character can hold you back from being the best.
2.3 direct quote: "What happens to the gazelle when the lion's not chasing it? It stops running"
2.3.1 effect: A gazelle isn't going to run if the lion isn't chasing it. This phrase is used to represent someone that always needs external motivation.
3 Ethos
3.1 evidence: "When you find your 'why'....you fiind a way to make it happen."
3.1.1 effect: Once you find your reason for doing something. You make it happen.
3.2 evidence:"You're talent can take you places that your character can't keep you"
3.2.1 effect: You can have talent but, If you have a bad characer and no motivation. You won't be successful.
3.3 evidence: "Champions keep going when they have nothing left in their tank."
3.3.1 effect: You have to keep going and never give up to be wherever you want to be in life.
4 Pathos
4.1 evidence: "You gotta think about the people in your life that you're doing this for"
4.1.1 effect: When it comes down to people you care about you want to provide/want better for them because,they're depending on you.
4.2 evidence: "Face yourself"
4.2.1 effect: Once you become real with yourself and character, once you've accepted who you really are. You'll be successful.
4.3 evidence: "You gotta find something within."
4.3.1 effect: You have to motivate yourself because, there won't always be someone to do it for you.
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