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  1. Early years
    1. Prince played nearly all the instruments on his first five albums, and has produced himself since signing with Warner Bros. at age 21.
      1. Prince started playing piano at age seven, guitar at 13, and drums at 14, all self-taught. At 14 he was in a band called Grand Central, which later became Champagne.
        1. Prince released his first album, For You, in April, 1978, to minimal fanfare. "Soft and Wet” introduced his erotic approach, while "I Wanna Be Your Lover” and "Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?” from subsequent album Prince suggested his musical range and significantly upped his profile.
          1. Dirty Mind — a loose concept album including songs such as "Head," about oral sex, and "Sister," about incest — established Prince's libidinous image once and for all.
          2. Image
            1. Prince was seen as a sex symbol and his music added to this perception we have of him. He would dress and dance provocatively on stage when he performed which excited his fans, especially the female fanbase.
              1. Prince often wore controversial clothes including classically feminine colors and styles as well as wearing heels.
                1. By performing in over sexualized manners, he portrays himself as rebellious, going against the social conventions in place at the height of his popularity.
                  1. Prince also refrains from making regular public appearances and is quite private in the fact that his music is not available on the internet without purchase. He values his privacy and does not get involved in interviews often.
                  2. Representations
                    1. Prince represents himself as an outgoing icon. He created music which was unheard of at the height of his popularity and was the purpose behind the 'Parental Advisory' music label. He molded his fame around the fact that he was different.
                      1. In interviews, Prince appears to be slightly uncomfortable and somewhat nervous. This could either be due to the fact that he is not used to participating in interviews or that he simply does not like discussing his private life.
                        1. Prince also represents himself in quite a feminine and controversial way. He changes his style about often but mostly sticks with a camp, feminine look; a trait which makes him stand out.
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