Key Words History 1.

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From the book:"The French Revolution, 1789-94" by Martyn Whittock.

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Key Words History 1.
1 What is a Revolution?
1.1 Economy: The way work is done and wealth is distributed.
1.2 Politics: the power on how country is ruled.
1.3 Society: The way a country is organized.
1.4 Abbot: Person in Charge of a monastery.
1.5 Archbishop: Head of a number of bishops.
1.6 Aristocrats: Rich land owners.
1.7 Bishop:In charge of the church in an area of the country.
1.8 Monarch:King or queen.
1.9 Refugee: A homeless person escaping from some problem like war or natural disaster.
2 What caused the French Revolution?
2.1 Estates-General: A meeting of the representatives of the First, Second & Third Estates.
2.2 Clergy: People who run the Church.
2.3 Oath: A solemn promise.
2.4 Sermon: A talk given in the Church.
2.5 Resided: Lived.
2.6 Symbol: A sign

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