Britain in West Africa 1868 - 1902

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Created by dottydiva96 almost 6 years ago
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Britain in West Africa 1868 - 1902
1 Missionary
1.1 The Gambia Lobby emerged in the 1860's
2 Routes to India
2.1 Had bases where navy could station
3 Economic
3.1 The Guinea Coast was one corner of the 'Triangular Trade'
3.2 Trade grew to replace the slave trade
3.3 British base at Cape Coast Castle on the Gold Coast where they traded with the Fante people
3.4 Gambia was a possible trade route
3.5 Trading of Palm Oil with local tribes
3.6 1879: Goldie built a huge business in Nigeria
3.7 In the 1880's, Britain sold £750, 000 of good to West Africa
4 Strategic
4.1 1874: the Gold Coast was made into a colony in order to preserve trade
4.2 1884 - 85: Berlin West Africa Conference started the Scramble For Africa
4.3 Challenge from the rench
4.4 Royal Niger Company set up after Britain staked a formal claim to the Niger Delta
4.5 Germany directly challenged Britain to the Cameroon's and made treaties with chiefs
4.6 1884: the powers of Europe agreed to split West Africa between France and Britain

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